Member Spotlight: eKEPLER Business Software

eKEPLER Business SoftwareIf you are currently operating in Mexico, or are thinking of starting a business operation in Mexico regardless of your size and sector, you definitely should be thinking of having a business software in place. A business software that not only gives you full control and visibility of your cross-border operation, but complies with the complex tax related issues in Mexico. And you would want for the software to be US-based with full support in English and Spanish.

eKEPLER Business Software has over 30 years of experience in the market with presence in the US, Mexico and Latin America. Our Business Software solution is flexible, simple, complete and fully integrated. Given the high level of flexibility, our software can be tailored to your current business needs and process in the US as well as Mexico or LATAM, regardless of your industry.

Our Business Software meets all tax and legal requirements by the Mexican Government, such as Electronic Invoice (CFDI), Payroll seals, Electronic Accounting (Financial Statements seals), etc. as well as all tax and legal requirements in the US. If you already have a software solution in place, we can easily connect to your current IT infrastructure, and we can also provide the solution OnPremises and OnCloud.

Besides meeting all the financial and tax issues in Mexico and the US, our business software operates as a comprehensive and integrated tool. All of your company’s operations, such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Shipments, AP, AR, Inventory, Warehouse management, etc… are intrinsic parts of our business solution. Our software operates in real time, so all the departments and areas are integrated in one solution, with all the financial information created automatically as your company’s operation takes place, precisely as required by the Mexican tax laws.

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