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Are You Concerned About the Cost of Doing Business and Employee Health?

Consider the alarming facts:

• On average, smokers take 25% more sick days a year than nonsmokers

• Smokers spend 8% of their work day in smoking activities; this adds up to one month per year--double the amount of time that nonsmokers spend

• The lifetime medical cost for smokers is 32% higher

• On average companies spend about $1100 more per year in healthcare on employees that smoke

Whether you’re interested in improving employees’ health or your bottom line, the American Lung Association in California stands ready to help. Our acclaimed Freedom From Smoking ® program is available in a group, self-help, and online format, and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and workforce.

On November 3rd and 4th, the American Lung Association in California-San Diego office is offering a one-and-a-half day Freedom From Smoking® Facilitator Training program to teach corporate staff how to conduct the group program for employees. To learn more or register, CLICK HERE.

Many of your employees have been touched in some way by asthma, lung cancer, emphysema or chronic bronchitis, and most care about the air we breathe. If you’re looking for a great way to show you care, get involved in our Fight For Air Walk on November 14th. If you do, you’ll receive 10% off Freedom From Smoking® registration and materials for 6 months.

For more information, contact Debra Kelley at 619-683-7519 or dkelley@alac.org.

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