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September 8, 2011    |    Volume 5, Issue 9    |    |    Contact Us


FIT Properties

"Finding Real Estate Opportunities that FIT"

FIT PropertiesFit Properties was founded by husband and wife team, Richard and Marissa Montaño in 2007. Richard and Marissa are licensed Real Estate brokers in California with over 15 years experience in Real Estate, collectively. Their experience includes sales, sales management, construction and development, and business development.

Fit Properties is a real estate investment firm dedicated to clients; buying, selling, and providing strategic investment opportunities. Their passion in real estate lies in making the best long-term financial decisions to FIT their clients' goals. Having experience with investors, builders, banks and residential real estate, large and small, they are knowledgeable and prepared to help their clients make the best decisions for their clients’ financial future.

Fit Properties, Inc. is a leader in successful real estate transactions and investments by effectively combining real estate expertise with in-depth financial knowledge. Fit Properties maintains the necessary diligence and discretion to achieve agreed upon goals for their clients. Fit Properties’ professionals are experts at identifying real estate opportunities and implementing strategies designed to maximize liquidity and enhance profitability. Situated in San Diego, California, Fit Properties focuses their investments in Southern California, where they are experts in the market and understand the long and short-term opportunities. Fit Properties’ goal is to position clients to achieve their financial goals, by creating passive income in real estate and secure the future viability of financial freedom.

Fit Properties has generated consistently excellent results for its clientele through a combination of real estate expertise, imagination and sheer tenacity.

Their services to clients include an array of strategic alternatives to FIT the needs of the client and fulfill their financial goals. They also assist with the following real estate focused efforts: Buying and Selling Properties, Rehabilitation Projects, Partnerships and Syndications, Alternative and Creative Financing , Asset Management, Real Estate Consulting and Marketing, Investment Feasibility and Due Diligence.

Fit Properties, Inc is ‘A Real Estate Investment Firm’, therefore acquiring and managing successful real estate investments is a primary focus. Fit Properties finds and constructs opportunities in real estate to create cash flow, improve working capital, and enable passive income for clients. Ranging from identifying opportunities to management and disposition, Fit Properties will perform the following for investing clients: Identify Investment Opportunities, Manage the workout process, Prepare business plans and cash flow projections, Assess the investment’s long-term viability and exit strategies, Coordinate with lenders and other necessary real estate professionals, Manage cash flow and working capital, Identify asset and disposition process, Create and develop a property rehabilitation plan to maximize profitability, Design, negotiate and implement investment structuring, Identify sources of capital, Identify syndications, partnerships or joint venture opportunities, Evaluate financial and operating results of investments, Manage and distribute capital and profits to investors.

Fit Properties has grown a network to involve key players in the real estate industry. In focusing their efforts to expand their industry network, they are able to assist individuals and companies in achieving their real estate goals by syndicating successful relationships. From Contractors to Fund Managers and Real Estate Consultants to Financial Executives, the span of these relationships has grown the success of Fit Properties and many other real estate colleagues and companies and investors.

Please call 619.246.3509 or visit our website for more information:

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