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September 8, 2011    |    Volume 5, Issue 9    |    |    Contact Us


Operation Homefront Southern California, Inc.

Operation HomefrontOperation Homefront was founded in 2002 in San Diego by a group of military wives, veterans and the media following the attacks of 9/11 that forever changed our Nation. They knew the military families of a country soon to be at war would be in need of some special assistance as their service members endured long and repetitive tours in warzones and they maintained the homefront. The mission of Operation Homefront Southern California (OHSoCal) is to provide emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. OHSoCal’s primary focus rests in supporting the spouses and children of deployed junior enlisted servicemen and women who wear the cloth of our Nation, so they are better equipped to perform their duties overseas knowing their family back home is safe and in good care. We also support wounded warriors of all ranks experiencing financial distress.

Operation HomefrontOHSoCal’s emergency financial assistance and other programs are available to an extensive portion of California’s military population. Our area of responsibility includes 14 California counties, which are home to arguably the largest population of military personnel and their families in the Nation. Supporting this large population, OHSoCal met 13,299 emergency financial and other needs in 2010, a 32% increase over needs met in 2009 and 83% more than were met in 2008. We are a young, but rapidly growing organization and have been serving more and more military families and wounded warriors each year. The impact of OHSoCal’s programs and assistance in the lives of those we serve is best illustrated through client statements such as this:

"I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for helping my family receive assistance. Times are hard and it’s not easy to swallow my pride and admit we needed assistance but you made me extremely comfortable and put me at ease. The grocery vouchers helped us out so much!! My husband and I were able to breathe easier knowing we wouldn't have to struggle as much this paycheck, since his separation pay still hasn't kicked in. I am still in the process of getting everything from Walmart in regards to me and my daughter’s glasses. Again, thank you to you and everybody else at Operation Homefront for all that you do."

Please call 858.695.6810 or visit our website for more information:


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