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September 8, 2011    |    Volume 5, Issue 9    |    |    Contact Us


Parron Hall

Parron HallThe workplace is an environment that must support ever changing technology, a multi-generational workforce, the wellness of workers, flexible work schedules, work styles and fast paced communications – it’s not your father’s office anymore.

Office furniture has become highly sophisticated, complex and specialized. Raised floors to accommodate voice and data cables so changes can be made quickly with minimal expense, pre-constructed walls that allow office reconfigurations with virtually no down time or disruptions, and chairs that intuit body sizes for fit and movement are a few of the conversations you might hear regarding today’s offices. Not only have the products become specialized, so have the people who sell, design, warehouse, install and service these products. It takes a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to guide the development of a productive work environment in today’s world.

That’s where Parron Hall comes in. As a full service furniture dealership, Parron Hall is the market leader in the San Diego area, with a large Kearny Mesa showroom. The dealership has long standing alliances with award winning manufacturers – Knoll, DIRTT, and Kimball, the innovators and industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of state of the art products. Parron Hall’s tenured staff of professionals has extensive experience solving workplace challenges, large and small.

Parron HallParron Hall has been in business since 1947 when the office landscape was more simplistic than today’s high tech workplaces. As times changed, so did Parron Hall. Always forward thinking, the company continues to lead the market by providing innovative, cost effective products and extensive professional services. The dealership has experienced 3 years of record growth demonstrating that even though the company is 60+ years old, it refuses to act its age!

Parron Hall’s owner, Jim Herr, succeeded his father, making him the second generation owner of Parron Hall. As the fourth generation in the industry, Jim brings unique and valuable perspectives to his dealership. Under Jim’s leadership, Parron Hall has experienced continued growth while earning a solid reputation by focusing on each customer’s specific needs and fostering long term relationships. These corporate values extend in to the community where Parron Hall is an active member of the Chamber (since 1945!) and other civic organizations. Parron Hall has also been recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as being one of San Diego’s largest privately held companies in addition to being recognized as one of San Diego’s fastest growing companies.

Please call 858.268.1212 or visit our website for more information:


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