By providing platforms for collaboration and education, the Chamber brings together varied industries and interests to fight for the region’s business community. Our members are empowered with the resources necessary to make an impact.

Business Alliance Groups

Business Alliance Groups are the Chamber’s popular lead generation and referral networks. These groups have helped hundreds of professionals gain a competitive advantage in the San Diego marketplace. Group members meet twice a month to collaborate on sales techniques, presentation skills, strategic partnerships, referral exchange, professional relationships, and more. Participation in these groups is an exclusive yet complimentary benefit of membership. For more information on Business Alliance Groups, contact (619) 544-1337 or

Set For Success

Goal setting is an essential tool for business success that keeps us moving forward. The more specific the goal, and the more details you write down, the more likely it is you’ll achieve it. Sticking to a plan to achieve your goals can be difficult in any environment, and even more so with all the uncertainty and challenges this year has brought. How are things going with your goals? If you’re feeling like you’re in a whirlwind of indecisiveness or disorganization, you’re not alone! Goal setting will help push you through these difficult times. If ever there were a need for some concrete, written goals, it’s now.

The Chamber’s new Set For Success is a six-week program that will help you find the structure and accountability to achieve your action goals and bring some focus to your business.

Take six weeks for your marketing and sales in a weekly goal setting meeting to focus on naming and writing your goals down, identifying potential obstacles, creating bite-sized action steps, and then being held accountable to do the work to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.  Peer exchange of information and resources will also be shared. Most importantly, celebrate your wins with your group, too.

This group is limited to 10 individuals and requires a weekly Zoom meeting every Tuesday, from 11:30 AM – 1 PM from September 29 – November 3.

Consistent Attendance is Required. Bronze or higher membership required. Deadline to apply is noon on Friday, September 24th.

Professional Development and Workshops

Chamber members have access to a series of complimentary workshops intended to provide skills and insight into the challenges businesses face today. Each workshop is designed to deliver information succinctly, with practical examples and an abundance of discussion.

Our workshop series is constantly changing to feature relevant topics. A series of recurring workshops offer valuable knowledge and resources for new Chamber members and those seeking involvement in a Business Alliance Group, including:

  • Chamber 101: How to Maximize Your Chamber Membership
  • Giving a Presentation
  • Referral Generation
  • Strategic Alliances