Speakers Bureau

The Chamber’s Speakers Bureau is a collection of highly-talented members that volunteer their professional expertise and time to relay industry-specific skills and knowledge to their peers. Chamber Speakers provide 30-minute presentations to the Chamber’s Business Alliance Groups upon request and provide both practical and useful information to an audience representing a broad range of industries. Speaker topics include, but are not limited to: sales techniques, time management, branding strategies, technology skills, and more.

Become a Speaker

Members are eligible to participate in the Speakers Bureau program after completing 6 months of membership. To apply, complete the application form below (bottom of the page).

Applications will be evaluated on the member’s ability to communicate topics which generate interest, whether the presentation’s objectives will be clearly articulated and achievable during the time allotted, and the member’s professional expertise and experience. Upon review, a staff representative will contact you within 8-12 business days for more information.

Current Speakers

Developing Your 30-Second Commercial

The goal of this workshop is for each attendee to be able to write and deliver a concise, effective elevator speech. The basic points on how to build a pitch for networking events are covered, as well as other ways to utilize the final product in other aspects of business (e.g. phone messages, email signatures, etc). In addition, the workshop covers how to update the content to cover different business needs/asks without losing the flow of the main message.

Rama Beerfas
Lev Promotions
(619) 697-2045

Email: rama@levpromotions.com
Website: http://www.levpromotions.com/


Understanding “Alternative Dispute Resolution”

Most people – even educated, business-savvy ones – do not understand the “basics” of Alternative Dispute Resolution, let alone the hidden traps that lurk beneath the slick surface of terms like “arbitration” and “mediation.” Even lawyers who have been practicing for years do not know the forces that leave their clients baffled and disappointed at the outcomes of their legal disputes.

In thirty minutes, Janet Sobel, Esq., will give to a Business Alliance Group’s business owners the foundation to understand the processes of arbitration and mediation, what they entail, what they can achieve, and when and why they are beneficial or not.

The Presentation will cover:

  • Who wants Arbitrations and why
  • The upsides and downsides of Arbitrations
  • When Arbitrations make the most sense
  • Why Mediations are always beneficial, but only at the right time
  • How to make the most of a Mediation
  • How to position your dispute for a good settlement through Mediation.

Understanding Attorney Fee Agreements

When a person or business enters into a fee agreement with a lawyer, the provisions in that agreement can later become the source of heartache. When entering into a fee agreement, lawyers are not obligated to warn their clients about how the terms of that agreement could work a disadvantage to the client at some later point in time. Lawyers are, of course, obligated to truthfully answer the prospective client’s questions about the fee agreement, but the lawyer is not obligated to warn of negative possibilities.

In thirty minutes, Janet Sobel, Esq., will explain to business owners the meaning of the common terms that become important parts of an attorney’s fee agreement. All fee agreements are negotiable, although not all lawyers will accommodate the client’s requests for changes, but no person or business undertaking to hire a lawyer should sign a fee agreement without understanding the implications of the basic provisions.

This presentation will cover:

  • The common provisions attorneys want included in their fee agreements and why
  • The basic types of lawyer fee arrangements – including hourly, contingency, flat, and hybrid – and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • How to anticipate the “costs” that accompany a legal dispute, and how to avoid the risk of being drowned by them
  • What happens when you have to fire your lawyer or your lawyer fires you.

Janet Sobel
Attorney at Law, Janet E. Sobel, Esq.
(619) 261-6165

Email: jsobelnow@gmail.com
Website: http://www.counselingatlaw.com/

Our Water, Our Future

Water is critical to the economic health of the region. Being conversant in the language and facets about water is important for members of the business community. “Our Water, Our Future” presents the status and future of the region’s water supply, use and other facets of the water issue.

This presentation will cover the San Diego sources of water, water recycling, cost of water, range of water uncertainty, landscape and irrigation industry improvements, seven potential challenges to San Diego’s water supply, and best management practices and water conservation.

Carl Nettleton
President, Nettleton Strategies
(858) 343-5489

Email: carl@nettstrategies.com
Website: http://www.nettstrategies.com

The Myths of Maintaining a Small Business

If you have ever looked at your watch and thought, “I’ve haven’t gotten anything done today!” then The Myths of Starting a Business is exactly what you have been seeking. This program helps small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the difficulty in starting a business, maintaining it, and growing a business to maturity.

This presentation will look at three awareness levels all start-ups and seasoned vets need in order to maintain sanity in a fast paced business world. Whether a sole proprietor or a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, this program will help you get centered, move forward, and have the mindset required to successfully bring a business day to a fruitful conclusion.

Shoan Snoday
Owner/Founder, Shoan Snoday International
(310) 213-4357

Email: shoan@shoansnoday.com
Website: http://www.dramaticallyincreasesales.com/

Making the Invisible Visible—Clearer Communication with Visual Tools

Every BAG member has a story to tell and every BAG encourages member presentations. David Winkelman has spent decades helping companies, firms and individuals improve communication by making the invisible visible.

David will share key elements from his distinctive white board talk. Participants will gain practical suggestions for making meetings or presentations more effective and more productive. David showcases tools and methods for engaging people internally with examples from real business situations. The skills he shares can help anyone enhance his or her communication by implementing a mixed visual-verbal approach. His suggestions can be employed directly by your BAG members to enhance their own member presentations.

Main Topic Points:

  • Words and sentences too often times do not convey substantive meaning. Don’t panic, I’ll draw you a picture.
  • Examples of how seldom people realize the weaknesses of their own communication.
  • Demonstration on how vision enhances all other senses.
  • Learn how plentiful vision tools are and acquire confidence that almost everything can be represented visually.
  • Learn to make CLARITY + CONNECTION a habit.
  • Get introduced to the Vantage Points Model; a proven diagnostic / problem solving tool.
  • Learn about the Three Circles Model; another useful, quick and easy diagnostic filter.
  • Five HABITS that are key to change and can only truly be understood visually
  • How intrinsic motivation can be visually modeled.
  • Q & A

David Winkelman
Principal/Owner, Winkelman Solutions
(858) 775-4530

Email: david@winkelmansolutions.com
Website: http://winkelmansolutions.com/

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