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The Chamber’s Speakers Bureau is a collection of highly-talented members that volunteer their professional expertise and time to relay industry-specific skills and knowledge to their peers. Chamber Speakers provide 30-minute presentations to the Chamber’s Business Alliance Groups upon request and provide both practical and useful information to an audience representing a broad range of industries. Speaker topics include, but are not limited to: sales techniques, time management, branding strategies, technology skills, and more.

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Members are eligible to participate in the Speakers Bureau program after completing 12 months of membership. To apply, complete the application form below (bottom of the page).

Applications will be evaluated on the member’s ability to communicate topics which generate interest, whether the presentation’s objectives will be clearly articulated and achievable during the time allotted, and the member’s professional expertise and experience. Upon review, a staff representative will contact you within 8-12 business days for more information.

Current Speakers

Presentation Title
Selling in the 21st Century

How To Sell Effectively To Consumers in 2017

What participants will learn from this presentation:

Next Level Sales Coaching helps both sales professionals and businesses dramatically increase their sales.  You see; most people think that in order to increase their sales, they should increase their advertising and marketing budget.  The challenge with doing that is it costs a lot of money, it doesn’t always work, and it still won’t solve the problem.  The key to dramatically increasing sales is to effectively convert the existing sales opportunities you have.  We teach people exactly how to do that through effective language, mindset training, and up-to-date sales coaching.

Presentation #2 Title
Stop “Selling” and Start “Helping”

Topic #2
Using Effective Questions and a Consultant’s Mindset

What participants will learn from this presentation:

Most salespeople go right into “selling mode” as soon as they walk in the door.  Yet, the one factor that means the most, whether or not there is even a sale to be made, is passed over.  If you want to learn how to sell effectively, you’ve got to follow a few simple guidelines when it comes to communication, effective questioning, and a helping attitude.  The old days of power closing, getting YES answers, and phony rapport building is over.  If you can master the aspects of selling in 2017, your sales will double and your income will soon do the same.

Steve Heroux
Next Level Sales Coaching|
Email: steve.heroux@nextlevelsalescoaching.com
Website: http://www.nextlevelsalescoaching.com


A Strategic Framework for the Decision to Outsource to Low Cost Countries

What participants will learn from your presentation:

One can hardly pick up a newspaper or business publication today without seeing an article about outsourcing to China, Vietnam, India or other developing countries. It is no wonder that managers are eager to understand how to approach the complex issues of whether to outsource, where to outsource, and how to outsource to achieve the maximum benefits for their companies.

Topic #2

Managing Supply Chain Risk: The Board’s Perspective

What participants will learn from this presentation:

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will be invited to play the role of one of several functions in the firm (Supply Chain, Marketing, Finance, etc.) and to react to potential supply chain, and firm level, disruptions.   The goal is to better understand risk management from the perspective of the Board and C-suite.

David Pyke
School of Business, University of San Diego
Email: davidpyke@sandiego.edu
Website: http://www.sandiego.edu/business/faculty-and-staff/biography.php?profile_id=1350


Cross Cultural and Cultural Diversity Communication on the workforce

Understandings the American working culture to enhance productivity

This two, hours lecture, is designed for presidents, directors, managers, employees, professionals and people in general immerse in a multinational company or institution or working actively on an international environment and are interested in developing the capacity to relate and manage humane resources successfully in such arena.

Common Decency

Achieving the best in people

This award-winning program provides managers and supervisors with a clear understanding of the importance of fair, consistent treatment of all employees as well as the consequences of unprofessional or illegal workplace behavior – for individual employees and the organization as a whole.  The interactive workshop format emphasizes the strong link between employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability. Download our Fall 2016/Winter 2017 white paper to see how Learning Dynamics clients have used the program to improve their workplaces. This program can also include a module on cross-cultural communication.

Alex Castaneda
Learning Dynamics
Email: alex@alexcastaneda.com
Website: http://www.learningdynamics.com


How to be Googlicious

Making your Website, SEO & your Social Media Google Friendly

What are the new requirements that Google has created to meet and exceed Google expectations?

How does Google want you to do to rank your website?
How do I not fall into a Black Hat scheme?
What does Google say about being mobile?
What happens if your website is not mobile?
What is AMP?
Why do I need to be https.?
What does Google think about reviews Good & Bad or not answered?
How does social media impact my business?
Why should I use video on my website and/or social media?

Joey Dusina
Email: joey@sabaseo.com
Website: http://sabaseo.com 


Organizational Forgiveness

This workshop provides powerful but practical tools and skills that will facilitate forgiveness and reconciliation in any environment. Participants will leave with an in-depth knowledge of the process of forgiveness as well as an understanding of how to effectively apply the learned concepts.

Unconscious Bias
This workshop explores the power of unconscious bias and its effects on our perceptions, interactions and decision-making processes. It is aimed at raising awareness, sparking dialogue, and initiating action. The skills and tools acquired will lead to increased workplace harmony, productivity and creativity.

Sharon Adams
Workplace Climate
Email: sadams@workplaceclimate.org
Website: http://workplaceclimate.org




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