Healthcare Committee

The Healthcare Committee advocates for policies and legislation that help businesses gain access to quality and affordable healthcare, and to mitigate unfunded mandates on health providers. As the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented, the committee regularly reviews and advocates for policy that does not adversely impact businesses or service providers while maintaining the high standard of care San Diego is known for. Additionally, through relevant and timely educational presentations, the committee provides information to employers and their employees about ways to leverage workplace wellness and positively impact the regional workforce.

The Healthcare Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the San Diego County Medical Society located at 5575 Ruffin Road, #250.

If you’re interested in learning more about our policy committees or would like to join the Healthcare Committee, contact Stefanie Benvenuto at

Committee Activities

The committee continues to identify ways to improve the implementation of the ACA and regularly reviews the mandates that are born out of departmental or IRS rule making. Furthermore, as a leader in technology and innovation the Healthcare Committee is the sounding board for the intersection between healthcare improvement and technological progress, with a substantial focus on interoperability issues and the future of healthcare.

Current committee members

Chair: Elly Garner
Vice Chair: Kristin Garrett