Member Spotlight: PARTY RENTALS & DECOR

When we launched PARTY RENTALS & DECOR, we did not want to only focus on providing good quality party equipment and party supplies at affordable prices. We also wanted to establish Party Rentals Online as a reliable, trustworthy and vetted party rental company that places customer satisfaction above everything else. We handle the heavy lifting and order tracking so that you can focus on enjoying your party. We take it a step further and become your personal party planner available at a moment’s notice.

We’ve spent over five-thousand hours in research and development and over two years talking to local party supplies vendors. We have learned that we had to overcome the lack of adequate and prompt customer support, unfair shipping costs, and product availability that had become the norm in the party equipment rental industry. But low costs alone will not solve customer dissatisfaction, we knew we had to think out of the box, and develop a robust and easy to use ordering platform custom tailored to party & event planners.

As a part of our web and mobile ordering platform model, we’ve incorporated a sophisticated ordering tracking system that learns from the buyer’s preferences and purchase history, to facilitate the best options according to the event type. By providing you with a sophisticated and yet easy to use web platform for both vendors and consumers alike, we have effectively facilitated the rental and purchase of party equipment and supplies with a simple three-step ordering process.

We have revamped the standardized online ordering process by learning from over two terabytes of customer party equipment and supplies likes and dislikes, from over one-hundred customer reviews, search engine historical data and industry trends dating back to 2013.

Our local vendor connection platform has allowed local and nationwide party planners to obtain the items they need for their birthday parties, wedding, or baby shower from the closest providers backed by Party Rentals Online customer satisfaction policy.


If you are looking for a bounce house, birthday, wedding, or baby shower party equipment and supplies, contact our San Diego office at (619) 209-7420.


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