Member Spotlight: Angelita Renteria, Real Estate Agent Magazine

In January 2018, Angelita “Angie” Renteria publisher of Real Estate Agent Magazine, with TMM Publications, will launch Real Estate Agent Magazine- San Diego. The magazine will feature a wide variety of high-profile real estate agent professionals and exclusive insights into the real estate industry specifically to San Diego. Angie focuses on recruiting the features, advertisers and contributing editors, to work with them on developing the layout and distribution of the magazine through relevant channels, including, print, email, online, e-reader friendly platforms, and social media.

TMM Publications has been known for storytelling for several decades. They have more than a dozen specialized titles within the publishing industry and produces custom magazines for companies across the country.

Angie began her career path developing custom content plans for clients as an attorney. Through her experiences in the courtroom, Angelita has developed a keen sense of honest and heartfelt storytelling for her clients, due to her kind nature, personality, and a career built on integrity. In turn, this has resulted in a newly developed kind of branding through the power of storytelling.

Locally, Angelita Renteria helps clients create a content marketing plan, using both the magazine and a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including social media, to produce results, statistic-driven exposure, and demonstrates why you are a qualified professional in the industry.

For the digital magazine please visit  For advertising and editorial information contact Angie directly at and for Real Estate news and announcements like us on Facebook !