Mexican Consulate in San Diego Holds Citizens’ Forum

Earlier this month, Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, presented a strategy to increase assistance provided to Mexican citizens living abroad. The 10-point plan included a series of citizens’ forums which provide Mexicans abroad an opportunity to participate in Mexico’s national development plan. This document is generally designed within the first semester of each President’s six-year term and remains in effect for the entire term.

Each forum consists in an approximately three-hour session where attendees review and comment on topics relevant to citizen’s rights, health and welfare, and economic development.

The San Diego forum took place on April 4, where attendees included students, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and representatives from the business community. Chamber Director of International Business Affairs, Kenia Zamarripa, participated as a panelist and facilitator of the economic development discussion. Zamarripa spoke about the Chamber and the private sector’s role in the region’s economic development, and our partnership with the Mexican Consulate.

Roberto Valdovino, chief of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, shared that the forums are an effort to engage communities in the development plan and in the political transformation that Mexico is undergoing. With more than 11 million Mexicans living in the United States, the deadline for the forums has been extended to incorporate their comments. This is the first time that Mexicans residing outside of the country will be participating.