Tana Lorah

Kaiser Permanente | Senior Manager, Government & Community Relations

Tana Lorah joined Kaiser Permanente as a community benefit manager in 2010. Now serving as the senior manager of Government & Community Relations, Tana is responsible for legislative and community affairs for the San Diego County service area. Tana’s role continues to include Kaiser Permanente’s charitable support of nonprofit organizations through grant-making and through the management of sponsorships, partnerships and volunteer efforts in the community. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Tana served as Associate Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer for the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation. In that role, she managed the overall operations and fundraising efforts of the foundation including directing the start-up and launch of the leading physician volunteerism project in San Diego. Tana serves as a board member with the following organizations: Berry Good Food Foundation and Kearney Mesa Planning Group and continues to advise and consult with other area non-profit organizations.