Current Initiatives


Stormwater Capture & Reuse Workshops

Through a series of workshops, this project aims to educate the business community, civic leaders and policy makers of the potential for stormwater capture and reuse as a sustainable source of water supply within our region. Enhanced awareness of the benefits and limitations of stormwater to reduce our reliance on imported water are critically necessary at this stage to ensure that regulatory and/or legislative conflicts and barriers can be addressed if the solution is deemed feasible and worthwhile in the San Diego region. More information coming soon!

Water Rate Reform Themes

The Water Reliability Coalition, with the support of the San Diego Foundation, hosted two workshops on water rate reform in March and April 2018 to bring experts and thoughtful discussion to water stakeholders within the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department (PUD) service area. In addition to developing stakeholder understanding of the issue as a component of the holistic “One Water” approach to regional policy, the workshops identified four major reoccurring themes to consider alongside your priorities when engaging in water rate reform discussions. Read about the four themes.