SeaWorld Returns a Rescued Fur Seal to the Ocean – with an HSWRI Transmitter Along for the Ride!

A female Guadalupe fur seal rescued off a seawall at Carlsbad State Beach was returned to the ocean this morning with a satellite transmitter attached. SeaWorld animal rescuers came to the aid of the seal that was found thin with lacerations on her right side and in need of urgent medical care December 12, 2014.

Upon arrival at SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue Center, the adult weighed in at 80 pounds. SeaWorld animal caretakers and medical teams treated the seal with fluids, antibiotics and supportive care, which included a nutrient-rich diet of capelin, sardines and herring. The seal, whose weight has increased nearly 20 pounds while in SeaWorld’s care, was returned to the ocean at a healthy 98 pounds, able to forage for food on its own.

January 8, HSWRI Senior Research Scientist Dr. Brent Stewart outfitted the seal with a satellite transmitter. Dr. Stewart and fellow Senior Research Scientist Dr. Pam Yochem hope to track the seal’s movements at sea to learn more about where the species travels along with perhaps why. The transmitter will likely dislodge from the seal when she molts within the next six months or so. An adult male fur seal can grow to 6 feet and weigh up to 350 pounds. Females reach 4½ feet and weigh up to 100 pounds.

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