By providing platforms for collaboration and education, the Chamber brings together varied industries and interests to fight for the region’s business community. Our members are empowered with the resources necessary to make an impact.

Business Alliance Groups

Business Alliance Groups are the Chamber’s popular lead generation and referral networks. These groups have helped hundreds of professionals gain a competitive advantage in the San Diego marketplace. Group members meet twice a month to collaborate on sales techniques, presentation skills, strategic partnerships, referral exchange, professional relationships, and more. Participation in these groups is an exclusive yet complimentary benefit of membership. For more information on Business Alliance Groups, contact (619) 544-1337 or


Professional Development and Workshops

Featuring Michele Phillips with Cultivate Advisors

Chamber members have access to a series of complimentary workshops intended to provide skills and insight into the challenges businesses face today. Our workshop series is constantly changing to feature relevant topics. Each workshop is designed to deliver information succinctly, with practical examples and an abundance of discussion.

View our calendar to see what programs are coming up. New members can access our recorded Chamber 101: How to Maximize Your Chamber Membership workshop at any time if you are unable to make it to an in-person workshop.

We are proud to partner with Michele Phillips, Business Advisor with Cultivate Advisors, on a free, monthly webinar series designed to help maximize your business. Check out her next upcoming webinar on our event calendar.


About Michele Phillips

Michele is a strategic, entrepreneurial sales and operational leader with 20+ years of experience. She partners with entrepreneurs and founders to fully define their vision and roadmap their success. Michele has been successful in the large corporate world and as the owner of an award-winning, profitable, customer-facing business with 25+ employees.

Cultivate was founded in 2013. With experience in the franchise space, the co-founders applied their learnings to growing businesses, no matter the size or industry. Offering customized 1:1 advising services to businesses throughout North America,

Cultivate Advisors is one of Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Businesses four years in a row.