PDQ Precision Inc: Mini-Max Cleaning & Waste Management Systems

06 PDQ PrecisionPDQ Precision Inc is a small business headquartered in National City, Ca. since 2000. Started business 1985 in Los Angeles, moved to Chula Vista. Now have our own larger manufacturing facility. We’re an award winning technology using drops of water instantaneously, producing super heated high pressure steam vapor, to clean and dry at once. With Arma-sol rust inhibitor added there is no corrosion, documented!. Plus NO: VOC; VOHAP: ODC GWC: or waste water to cleanup.

The Mini-max Cleaning and Waste Management Systems provide the user a cleaning station providing complete safety to the user plus capturing the residues. We’re the proud winner of the SCAQMD award for Technology. In 2006 USEPA-SNAP entered DuPont and PDQ Precision Inc. into the Federal Register., noting us the replacement for solvents and chemicals in use. We’re FDA approved for cleaning the instruments prior to sterilization and used in many hospitals. Additional satisfied users are in Electronics, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical , Military, Aircraft etc. The ability to get into the most difficulty areas without disassembly has proven to be a big plus with all the users.

FOUR OFFERS (Your choice):

1- Come to our facility, use our equipment, see if it works for you. No charge. Call first.

2- Rent, prove it works ,if purchased, 50% of rental applied to cost.

3- Purchase now at 10% off. 15 days to upgrade to larger model. Just difference in costs.

4- Purchase-50% down, Bal 30/60/90/days no interest. Upgrade offer applies.

PDQ Precision, Inc.
1433 Roosevelt Ave.
National City, CA 91950