United Valet: 30 Years of Professional Service

united valet logoUnited Valet Parking, Inc. has been doing business in the Southern California for over 30 years, and is also operating at more than 100 locations in and around the Los Angeles area servicing restaurants, high-end hotels, and commercial buildings. United Valet Parking, Inc. provides prompt, courteous, and professional assistance, knowing that our service is a reflection of your establishment. United Valet Parking, Inc. offers the following services:

Valet Services

Our goal at United Valet Parking, Inc. is to provide the highest quality service while eliminating the time and frustration of finding parking. Our valet team is comprised of experienced and skilled professionals. We strive to perform the best service possible and we open every car door with a smile. Our first priority is to ensure that our clients and their patrons feel comfortable and confident when leaving their cars in our care. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the skill and reliability of our attendants, as well as on their attitude and attire. Our service includes insurance, safe employment practices, customer service and compliance with federal and state laws.

Private Events

Private events includes all type of parties such as birthdays, corporate, weddings, banquet, fundraisers, anniversaries, and etc. We will set up a secure parking lot, take care of driveway access, and of course offer our quality valet service. Our fully uniformed and well-trained attendants will take care of your guest’s vehicles like one of their own. United Valet Parking, Inc. will provide the most safety for your guest’s vehicles, maximize the parking space and add prestige to your event.

Commercial Buildings

At United Valet Parking, Inc. we know how vital it is for owners of commercial buildings and properties to have proper parking facilities and service to accommodate their clients and visitors. Commercial Parking requires a high level of customer service and the ability to handle multiple methods of parking. Our professionals are experienced in efficiently handling your commercial parking needs.