ACTION ALERT: Help Ensure a Truly Sustainable Future for San Diego

The City of San Diego is expected to consider approval of its draft Climate Action Plan by the end of this year, outlining a series of steps to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades. Creating a healthier and more sustainable environment is a goal that should unite all San Diegans, and is one that is supported by local business and community leaders. And since the plan has the potential to affect how San Diegans live their lives and run their businesses, ensuring we reach this important goal in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible is equally as important.

That is why the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is leading a broad coalition of local business and community leaders to make certain the City addresses climate change in a manner that creates jobs, benefits our innovation economy, minimizes costs and supports our most vulnerable communities.

As the Climate Action Plan moves forward, City officials need to hear from us that efforts to improve the environment must balance all of these critical needs and include thoughtful cost-benefit analyses to ensure we get the greatest environmental benefit for the least cost. Here are three ways you can help TODAY:

1. Mark Your Calendar for the City Council Hearing

Plan to attend and voice your opinion in person:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
San Diego City Hall
202 C St., 12th floor (map)
RSVP to Sean Karafin at

2. Get Up to Speed

If you’re not already, take some time before December 15 to learn more about the draft Climate Action Plan and the strategies it will use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego. For a summary of the Plan, click here.

3. Write a Letter

Send a letter to your City Councilmember requesting the Climate Action Plan protect local businesses, communities and the economy by including flexibility and cost-benefit analyses. Email letters to and we will deliver them to City Hall.

This Climate Action Plan will shape San Diego for decades to come, so it is critical local business and community leaders speak up NOW to ensure a truly sustainable future.