Chamber VP Paola Avila Signs Historic Maritime Emergency Plan

Port of San Diego Emergency Plan

(image courtesy of the Port of San Diego)

On behalf of the Chamber, Vice President Paola Avila – along with Captain Johnathan Spaner, representing the U.S. Coast Guard, and Chief John Bolduc, representing the San Diego Harbor Police – signed The Port of San Diego Maritime Emergency Restoration Plan, which establishes a single, unified plan to be executed across multiple agencies in case of a security incident. The purpose of the plan is to ensure that reopening of the port would be conducted in a safe and seamless manner.

From the Port of San Diego:

In the past, multiple agencies at all levels of government had independent protocols and plans outlining actions for port and waterway reopening after a serious incident. It was necessary to integrate and coordinate the information into a single plan. The planning effort engaged public and private-sector partners to develop an integrated, all-hazard, multi-agency plan for reopening of the port.

A full list of participating agencies may be found here.