Ken Gronbach Discusses Business in the Face of Rapid Change

GGSS_KenGronbach1The Chamber hosted a lively Good Government Speaker Series with expert demographer and futurist Ken Gronbach. During the discussion, Gronbach explained how the United States’ rapidly changing demographics will affect the global economy, and examined strategies for businesses to stay relevant.

A few interesting takeaways:

  • The United States has a “barbell” demographic with many, young liberals on one end and many, older conservatives (i.e. baby boomers) on the other. The last time this happened? 1964.
  • Successful businesses will watch trends in demographics and meet the gap, particularly with housing, “deathcare,” and technology (especially cyber-security), among many others.
  • To stay ahead in one’s industry, workplace diversity is the new name of the game.

We’re extremely grateful to Ken Gronbach for taking the time to speak with us, and to everyone who attended and took part in our engaging discussion. For more photos, visit our album on Facebook or check out the Chamber’s Twitter.

For those unable to attend, the following video is a visual interpretation of Ken Gronbach’s philosophy: