Member Spotlight: Brigante Private Label

brigante-private-label-logo-01These days it’s all about craft. The modern consumer is tired of the big brands and is looking for something new. Whatever the size of your business now you can bring an air of sophistication to your menu that was previously only available to elite institutions. As an exclusive producer of private label wines, Brigante Private Label can help you create a customer experience that’s as unique as it is gratifying.

crepes-and-corks-cabernet-01-02Brigante Private Label addresses the needs of restaurants and retailers that are tired of navigating the ever-expanding wine industry to identify brands and labels that set them apart from the competition. Why spend precious time and resources trying to hit a moving target instead of investing in your own brand?

Brigante Private Label produces exquisite California wines sold exclusively under private label programs, to bring small-batch craft wine to the menus of restaurants large and small. Bringing wine directly from the winery to the retailer eliminates marketing and distribution costs with no sacrifice of quality. We will help you bring world-class wine to your menu, improve your margins, and invest in yourself.

Unlike other wineries that do private label programs as an afterthought, using odd-lot wines that they don’t want to put their own name on, private label wine is the core of our business. Our priority is producing the best wine possible regardless of whose name is on the bottle.

saiko-sushi_chardonnay-05-1Our turnkey program will allow you to sell premium California wines at competitive prices under your own private label. We take care of everything from the legal filings, label design, and delivery to make the process completely straightforward and simple.

Through our program you’ll bring new meaning to the term “house wine” by offering your customers better wine at the same prices. You’ll increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving margins. All without any upfront investment and with very low case minimums. Simply buy wine as you do now, but buy better wine under your own custom label.