Chamber Board Votes to Support County Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan

The Chamber’s Board of Directors voted to support the County’s Comprehensive Renewable Energy Plan (CREP) with detailed recommendations to ensure the business community’s voice is heard. While CREP’s efforts are similar to the Climate Action Plan, the plan is still separate – where the latter incorporates renewable energy as a component of its plan, CREP focuses on energy exclusively.

Among the Chamber’s recommendations:

  1. Initiate and lead both a regional and collaborative dialogue about the best practices to reduce carbon emissions while prioritizing the transportation sector,
  2. Prioritize county decisions based on the most cost-effective strategies to reduce emissions, minimizing risk, and maintain flexibility
  3. Continue to explore all opportunities for increasing renewable energy including through future and existing programs already authorized by the State and offered by San Diego Gas & Electric.

For a detailed briefing of the Chamber’s analysis, click here.