Member Spotlight: Baja California Railroad, Inc.

bjrrBaja California Railroad (BJRR) is the railway company that operates the Tijuana-Tecate short line in Baja California, Mexico. Our main activity is the transport of freight & goods between both sides of the California’s border; working under high-quality standards, delivering an efficient, safe and sustainable service bringing competitiveness for the region.

BJRR is located in one of the most prominent industrial corridors in México, reaching over 1,500 “maquiladoras” in the region. Every year the company handles more than 3,400 railcars a year.

bjrr-photo-1BJRR connects to the northwest with San Diego Imperial Valley Railroad (SDIY), exchanging railcars in Downtown San Diego with BNSF, a Class One railway in the US; on the northeast, the railway connect with Union Pacific (UP), achieving the full connectivity for the bi-national region.

Desert Line Project by BJRR

bjrr-photo-2The desert line was built more than a century ago, motivated by the strategic vision of connecting by rail San Diego and Arizona. The rehabilitation of the desert line puts us on the right track on strengthening the infrastructure and capacity of BJRR; thanks to the MTS approval and the investment that will allow the come and go’s of logistic cargo, benefiting the San Diego – Tijuana Region.

The project will have an investment of more than 70MD which will be used to rehabilitate: 112.75 KM or railway / 57 bridges / 17 tunnels. This project has MTS approval and the supervision of CBP and DOT. The completion and operability of the railway is expected to be April 2019.

bjrr-photo-3Benefits of the Desert Line

  • Optimizing logistic in the Cali-Baja region
  • Double stack capacity
  • Reduce cross boarders waits
  • Intermodal facility
  • Full connectivity with class one railways
  • Clear Southern California’s highways & freeways of traffic

Contact Information


Jorge Izquierdo E.
Sales and Marketing Executive   /
Phone. + 51 (664) 607 5168  /  01 (619) 207 4607
Mobile.+ 51 (664) 669 0817

Ave Ferrocarril #1
Col. Libertad P/B
Tijuana B.C.

3065 Beyer Blvd.
Ste. B103
San Diego, CA 92154