Roll Call: President Trump’s List of Cabinet Appointments


The Chamber is actively tracking President Trump’s cabinet appointments and their status in the confirmation process. Although these individuals are in various states of the confirmation process, they are responsible for determining agency direction and executing the policy goals of the administration. These leaders will eventually have a significant impact on numerous issues relating to the Chamber’s member businesses.

As of today, the President Trump’s cabinet picks are:

  • Department of State- Rex Tillerson (awaiting final floor vote)
  • Department of the Treasury- Steven Mnuchin (awaiting committee vote)
  • Department of Defense- General James Mattis (confirmed)
  • Department of Justice- Senator Jeff Sessions (awaiting committee vote)
  • Department of Homeland Security- General John Kelly, Ret. (confirmed)
  • Department of Health & Human Services- Rep. Tom Price (awaiting committee vote)
  • Department of Housing & Urban Development- Dr. Ben Carson (awaiting floor vote)
  • Department of Energy- Rick Perry (awaiting floor vote)
  • Department of Labor- Andrew Puzder (awaiting committee hearing)
  • Department of Transportation- Elaine Chao (confirmed)
  • Department of Education- Betsy DeVos (awaiting floor vote)
  • Department of the Interior- Rep. Ryan Zinke (awaiting floor vote)
  • Department of Commerce- Wilbur Ross (awaiting floor vote)
  • Department of Agriculture- Sunny Perdue (awaiting a hearing)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs- Dr. David Shulkin (awaiting a hearing)
  • Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency- Scott Pruitt (awaiting committee vote)
  • Ambassador to the United Nations- Governor Nikki Haley (confirmed)
  • Director, Office of Management & Budget- Rep. Mick Mulvaney (Awaiting committee vote)
  • Director, CIA- Rep. Mike Pompeo (confirmed)