Member Spotlight: Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) is a non-profit scientific research organization committed to conserving and renewing marine life to ensure a healthier planet. Our team of experts provides innovative scientific solutions to challenges threatening ocean health and marine life in our rapidly changing world.

We partner with other nonprofits, government, businesses and donors to feed a hungry world and restore depleted fish populations, use sound to harmonize human and animal interaction, and examine the interconnectedness of marine life, their health, and their habitats. HSWRI collaborates with SeaWorld and conservation partners around the world to conduct research with animals in zoological collections to benefit wild populations. We also work with SeaWorld as first responders in marine animal response and rescue.

On June 1, 2017, we hosted an Open House and Conservation Concert in celebration of our 54th anniversary. Sponsored by Torrey Pines Bank, the event included the unveiling of our new brand masthead with San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Chair Ernesto Arredondo and City Councilmember Scott Sherman in attendance. Our community partner, the Sempra Energy Foundation, was honored at the event.

Guests of the Open House enjoyed lab tours and the first Conservation Concert of the summer. Our concert series was launched in 2016. We’ll host two remaining concerts this summer for our donors and guests on Thursday July 27th and Thursday August 24th. All proceeds from the concerts benefit our global research to help marine life thrive.

In our rapidly changing world, our research is never complete. Whether it is deploying rescue teams, replenishing at risk fish populations, protecting habitats or simply better understanding life in our oceans, we want to create a planet where humans and marine life thrive together.


Eileen Sigler, Vice President of Development|
Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute