City of San Diego Hosted “Housing Action Day” on July 24th

The City of San Diego City Council adopted three important pro-housing policies on July 24th during what has been dubbed “Housing Action Day.” In response to the housing crisis caused by affordability and supply, Mayor Faulconer and members of City Council have worked with various stakeholders including the Chamber to identify a variety of solutions. Many Chamber members made their voices heard on the importance of these pro-housing policies through the Chamber’s contact your councilmember campaign.

To recap, those policies are:

  • Streamlining of the permitting process for additional dwelling units, aka “granny flats.” These units represent an opportunity to house extended family members, students and those with less extensive space needs at a lower cost than a traditional home. Removing some of the regulatory barriers to these units and seeking lower fees will assist those looking to add a unit to their existing property.
  • Deterring frivolous CEQA appeals for projects, which will add certainty for developers while preserving the opportunity for concerned community groups to participate in the appeals process where appropriate.
  • Refining the Affordable/Sustainable Expedite program, by expanding which projects are eligible for expedited permitting. By allowing more projects to qualify, units can come to market faster and provide housing relief.