Community Partner of the Month: The Arc of San Diego

What started out as a small association of parents concerned by the lack of resources for their children with disabilities in 1951 has now grown into one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the San Diego region. Services once limited to addressing the needs of children now empower over 2,500 children and adults with disabilities throughout their lifespan to live as vibrant, contributing members of their communities.

From early intervention that assists toddlers in reaching developmental milestones to day programs that connect seniors with their communities through volunteer service, to employment placement support for adults seeking jobs in the community, our programs sustain the important work begun over 65 years ago.

The Arc of San Diego is the largest and most comprehensive providers of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in San Diego County. We continue to be guided by the same sense of purpose as our founding families: to support and empower people with disabilities to achieve their life goals.

We are proud of our rich tradition of developing and implementing innovative, solution-oriented programs that meet the needs of children and adults with a wide-range of intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. Our programs and services enable people with disabilities to maximize their potential, live meaningful lives, and become integral members of the community.

Whether the goal is to live independently, obtain employment, reach developmental milestones, or access community resources, those we serve have access to over 20 locations in San Diego that provide uplifting environments, essential skills training, ongoing support, and hands-on, community integrated experiences. For more information about our organization visit