California State Legislature Reconvenes

The second year of the state’s two-year legislative cycle has kicked off, with plenty of unfinished business remaining from 2017. Of note, this year occurs during an election year and during many high-stakes issues being debated which will undoubtedly keep the Chamber and its membership busy. Things to watch: housing will continue to be top of mind, as fifteen of the 100+ pieces of housing-focused legislation were ultimately signed by the Governor. Bills that focus on planning for increased density along transit corridors, local jurisdiction accountability to meet housing targets, and more controversial ideas like rent control will be a major focus for Chamber policy staff. Additionally, Governor Brown is expected to flex his political muscle as he finishes his last year of an unprecedented term. His budget proposal, unveiled January 10th, sets the tone for his priorities. And finally, the legislature will be expected to find a resolution to the charges that the culture in Sacramento is rampant with sexual harassment and other boorish behavior that goes unchecked. Leadership will undoubtedly want to tackle this early on.

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