Member Spotlight: City Wide Protection Services

Are you satisfied with your current security process? Recipient of the 2017 Service Provider of the Year Award, City Wide Protection Services is dedicated to providing clients with peace of mind while serving with integrity. Started by Tom Tamar in 2012, CWPS has become one of the fastest growing security firms in the country. This success can be attributed to our top quality officers and full range of services that include security services, consultation, and security training.

There is no region, business, or event that is too big or too small for this team. We customize your security team based on your needs, using a variation of the following three categories:

  • Officers: Armed, Semi-armed, Unarmed
  • Protection Type: Foot-patrol, Courtesy Patrol – vehicle, Mobile – vehicle and scheduled foot-patrols, Bicycle
    All units are highly visible, proactive, and on-call 24/7
  • Area of Coverage: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Special Event

Our goal is always your safety. This is why we utilize the most advanced technology, implement adaptable and concrete security management plans, and have the highest expectations for our officers. CWPS officers are the pride and backbone of our organization, which is why we have added our Security Academy division to train our personnel or other security officers looking to join the industry. As a team we will serve you with integrity 24/7, and keep you, your business, and your community safe.

Security doesn’t come from money, it comes from relationships. Let’s build one.

Hojjat “Tom” Tamar
President & CEO
City Wide Protection Services
(888) 205 – 4242