Tijuana International Air Cargo Park Inauguration

Earlier this month, the Tijuana International Air Cargo and Logistics Park (Matrix) was inaugurated. Adjacent to the Tijuana Airport, the park will facilitate the development of cross-border commerce between Mexico, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America while further elevating our region’s global competitiveness.

Cali-Baja’s reliance on trucks for the transportation of goods causes heavy congestion at our Ports of Entry and San Diego highways, shifting economic opportunities to the Los Angeles area. In addition, trucking becomes inefficient for our binational supply chain due to border delays slowing down just-in-time manufacturing which is particularly challenging for perishable goods.

Matrix facilities will be serving companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Aeromexico and Volaris Cargo, and includes on-site Mexican customs authorities, a bonded warehouse, office space for freight forwarders, customs agents, banking services, food concessions, and the Mexican Postal Service. The air cargo park was built by a subsidiary of Grupo Bustamante, a real estate development business organization owned by Carlos Bustamante, former Mayor of Tijuana. At the inauguration ceremony, Bustamante shared his vision for U.S. Customs pre-inspection operations at Matrix which would allow cargo carriers to expedite shipments between the U.S. and Mexico.