Member Spotlight: StemExpress

At researcher request, StemExpress collects human blood and tissue and isolates cells using specialized protocols and cutting-edge lab technology. Our Stem Cell Collection Centers welcome community members willing to make a difference by donating blood or bone marrow to science.

Researchers using stem cells in their work are getting ever closer to exciting cures. One project nearing its final phase of testing is a cure for sickle cell disease. Scientists would remove bone marrow from a patient, fix the genetic defect in the stem cells, and reintroduce those cells to the patient to create a healthy blood system. Exciting medical research is being done around the world for new treatments and cures – and you can help!

Your donation of blood or bone marrow gives scientists the material they need to complete vital work. And you’ll be compensated $25-$350 dollars for your time and effort.

Make a difference and help accelerate medical research for a better and healthier future. Visit or call 877.900.STEM to schedule your first appointment today.

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