IBWC New Commissioner

Jayne Harkins has been appointed to serve as the new U.S. Commissioner of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico. Harkins is the first woman Commissioner for either the United States or Mexico in the 129-year history of the Commission. As Commissioner, she serves as head of the U.S. Section of the Commission.

Previously serving as Executive Director for the Colorado River Commission (CRC) of Nevada for seven years, Harkins provided leadership and consultation on various efforts to secure additional water and hydropower resources for Nevada.

The International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, is responsible for applying the boundary and water treaties between the two countries and settling differences that arise in their application.

Chamber Director of International Business Affairs, Kenia Zamarripa, was appointed to an 11-member Citizens Forum under the U.S. IBWC in March of this year. In her role on the forum, Zamarripa continues to push for minimizing transboundary pollution on the Tijuana River Valley and promotes the exchange of information between the IBWC and our binational community.

Earlier this year during federal budget appropriations discussions, the Chamber advocated in support for funding the EPA’s U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program which ultimately received $10 million. Additionally, Mexico’s National Water Commission announced an investment of $4.35 million for improvements to repair Tijuana’s sewage infrastructure. In collaboration with CESPT, these funds are currently covering the replacement sewage pipelines and the main wastewater treatment plant in order to prevent major sewage spills along the canal.

The Chamber also hosted a Good Government Speaker Series event in October featuring CESPT Director German Lizola, who provided an overview of the Baja California’s State Commission of Public Services in Tijuana on their efforts to prevent sewage spills and improve the city’s sewage and sanitation system.