Chamber’s Response to the President’s Oval Office Address Regarding Immigration and Border Security

Last week, President Trump delivered his first Oval Office address portraying our border in a negative light which adversely impacts our regional economy both in the short and long term. The Chamber’s advocacy for a secure, reliable, and efficient border focuses on policies and funding for our ports of entry, increased staffing and comprehensive immigration reform.

Chamber Vice President of International Business Affairs, Paola Avila, spoke with the San Diego Union-Tribune in response to the national address and reiterated the Chamber’s position.  “We agree that we need a secure border, but we believe that we have a secure border” she added, “Our border region is an opportunity zone, not a danger zone”.

With an integrated manufacturing supply chain worth $2.5 billion, the Cali Baja region critically depends on its cross-border connectivity and efficient movement of goods which accounts for a gross regional product of $255 billion. Mexico is the largest trading partner for 22 states including California.

Rep. Cesar Blanco (TX) highlighted that President Obrador recently presented an initiative to strengthen economic investments in the border region and “we need to look at doing the same, start focusing on how we can partner with Mexico to make sure our region thrives economically”. Blanco suggested investing in technology in order to have safe and secure trade, which “creates business, jobs, and opportunities for our region”.