Member Spotlight: Optical Connection

We are a contact lenses distributor based in Rancho Bernardo, specializing in disposable contact lenses. Since our inception in 2002, our company has never wavered from our original mission: to act as a staunch ally to independent eye care professionals (ECPs). Over the years, we had forged close relationships with our doctors in order to provide their patients with the best, affordable contact lenses. Our brand products: Definition AC, BioCurve, Focal Point, and A+ Wave are currently being sold by our doctors from the US, Canada, and South America.

Forming Connections

We are committed to serve our ECPs directly or indirectly through our partnered distributors. We refrain from working with online retailers or mass merchandisers to ensure exclusivity and profit for our doctors. We also provide friendly customer service for a pleasant experience in communication with our company.

The Bare Necessities

We provide quality lenses comparable to popular products on the market without all the flair. Our wearer’s comfort and eyesight come first. Fancy packaging and catchy ads may come second.

Price without Compromise

Our simplistic packaging design and focused marketing strategy allow us to forgo inflated pricing on our products, guaranteeing that your patients will enjoy the most affordable pricing.

Eric Lee
Executive Assistant to the President
Optical Connection International Corp.