More Housing Coming to Bankers Hill

On January 28th the San Diego City Council unanimously approved the Chamber supported 6th and Olive development project in Bankers Hill. Thank all of you who answered our call to action and encouraged San Diego City Councilmembers to vote in favor of the 6th and Olive housing development.

The project will add 204 new apartment homes to Bankers Hill, including 18 affordable units built on site and located throughout the building. The project shares a site with St. Paul’s Cathedral and will provide office and meeting space, as well as 70 onsite parking spaces, to support the cathedral’s ministry to the community. This project is important because San Diego’s housing deficit has resulted in record-high home prices and rising rents that present a real challenge for our workforce and employers throughout San Diego. The solution is building more homes. This project provides housing around a walkable neighborhood served by public transit, while also being close to major job centers, retail, and dining options.