Our Border is an Opportunity, Our Cross Border Relationships an Asset

As champions of our binational region, the Chamber works to promote the economic opportunity that the border provides through robust cross border collaboration and partnerships. As such, we take every opportunity to correct the misrepresentations of our region as they could damage our economy and global competitiveness.

  • San Diego has always been among the list of safest large cities in the country.
  • The best investment we can make to improve border efficiency and safety is in technology, staffing and cross-border partnerships. We rely on bridges to connect us with Mexico, our closest neighbor and top export market.
  • NAFTA has propelled our region’s profile as an important gateway for global commerce. And the revised trade agreement, USMCA, is critical to maintaining our trilateral trading block and access to foreign markets.
  • The trade war has had a negative impact on our local economy. Tariffs are paid by American businesses and American consumers not foreigners.

Chamber VP of International Business Affairs Paola Avila joined regional stakeholders for an interview with KPBS and Politifact responding to some of these issues impacting San Diego. Review the full transcript and/or listen to the KPBS interview, here, and for Politifact’s article, click here.