Member Spotlight: Seymore San Diego

Seymore San Diego - Buy local, be rewarded

Are you looking for a better way to attract local customers? Well, here it is! Introducing ​Seymore San Diego​, a free #BuyLocal Loyalty & Rewards App for consumers looking to support local businesses.

Now you can promote your business to local consumers who actually WANT to hear from you. No bots, no fake profiles, no exaggerated traffic counters – just real San Diego humans who support #BuyLocal.

The Seymore San Diego app is an extension of the Free WiFi San Diego project that is spreading safe, secure and reliable Free WiFi that doesn’t sell the end-users private information or their browsing history like other online services might.

Join the Seymore San Diego revolution today, call (858) 345-1616 or sign up at​. Reward locals for choosing to buy local and support local San Diego businesses.
Remember, it’s ​completely free​ for your business to sign up and participate, plus it’s super easy to use! Once you join you can sit back as Seymore and our wonderful team go to work to bring you more customers.

● Simple to join ● They do all the setup for/with you. ● No new hardware or software integrations with your current POS ● Your business gets promoted everywhere Free WiFi San Diego builds a new network ● End users earn points for great prizes when they make a purchase from you

All that and it’s FREE! How can you not love something so easy to participate in!
List your business our directory today at ​​ – ​it’s FREE for all SDRCC members! ​Operated in association with​ ​​.