Cross-Border Business Forum Recap: Trends and Investment Opportunities for Mixed-Use Developments

The Chamber was proud to partner with the Tijuana Economic Development Council to co-host our final Cross-Border Business Forum of 2019. The event featured a panel of experts who shared current trends and investment opportunities in mixed-use developments in our region:

  • Alex Gutierrez, Architect, Carrier Johnson + CULTURE (moderator)
  • Daniel Cano-Falomir, Managing Partner, Crowe Horwath
  • Cristina Hermosillo, Architect and Partner, Hermosillo y Asociados
  • Saul de los Santos, CEO and Founder, AXIS Intelligent Strategy
  • Michel Goldstein, CEO, Eazy Group and Zibra Realty.

Cities around the world and our binational region are seeing a resurgence of mixed-use developments. With renewed popularity, mixed-use development blend business, retail, and residential spaces allowing residents, tenants, and visitors to coexist in a pedestrian-friendly environment. As mixed-use developments catch the attention of foreign investors, panelists agreed that a recommended first step is reaching out to business organizations such as the Chamber who know the region best and can provide guidance and connections needed to venture into the market. They extended an invitation to investors, developers, and entrepreneurs to take the risk and invest in our region, taking advantage of the thriving ecosystem and policies which have incentivized the growth we continue to see today.

A video recording of the panel and roundtable discussion is available at the Chamber’s Facebook.