Member Spotlight: ResourceMFG


ResourceMFG is the first and largest nationally branded staffing company specializing in manufacturing that provides quality talent in all production skill sets, quality, maintenance, and supervisors for all levels of management.

Combining the advantages of national scale, with a deep, knowledgeable understanding of their clients’ business, San Diego county workforce data, hands-on manufacturing expertise, and powerful recruiting and retention tools, ResourceMFG is uniquely capable of refining recruiting to zero-in on manufacturers with the appropriate skillsets for each assignment they fill.

Their trained staff of specialists recruits and screens for nearly 300 manufacturing-specific skills by using more than 30 proprietary screening tools. They use these assessments to help clients assemble the right platforms for whatever workforce needs they require – from a trainable workforce to “floor-ready” skilled and highly skilled professionals.

ResourceMFG is a specialty division of EmployBridge, recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as the largest industrial staffing firm in the country. The company is helping close the skills gap in America’s supply chain by providing free, career-focused skills development to its temporary associates through the firm’s Better WorkLife Academy. For more information, please visit and