Executive Order Suspends Employment-based Visas

An executive order issued this week suspended numerous work visas and expands existing restrictions until the end of 2020. Impacted visas include the H-1B program for skilled workers; L-1 visas for executives; J-1 visas for scholars and professors; and H-2B visas used by seasonal workers, such as in the construction and hospitality industries.

This action is likely to cause substantial economic uncertainty and limit our ability to move toward a swift economic recovery. Our economy depends on visa programs which support business growth, research, and investment. In fact, multiple studies have shown that employing foreign workers whose abilities and talents complement those of native-born workers actually creates new employment opportunities for American workers. For example, each H-1B visa leads to the creation of 1.83 jobs.

The Chamber issued a statement urging for the reversal of this action and had previously submitted a letter to the administration.