Member Spotlight: O’Shun’s Orchard

Montezuma Valley Market’s neighboring landscape

O’Shun’s Orchard LLC is a retail and development company. Current operations include a convenience store, outdoors destination project, and agricultural tech development. Their  Montezuma Valley Market is one of their first steps for economic development in rural San Diego High Desert. Right before the drive down the glass elevator to Borrego Springs the store is a great road-stop for raw local honey (some of which is raised and harvested in-house), handmade furniture, snacks, hiking camping supplies, or a place to sit for a while and enjoy a cold craft beer. The market is currently featured on History Channel UK Uncharted Mysteries and coming out this Fall Travel Channel Into the Unknown. Don’t forget to take a pic with the Yeti before you leave, he’s quite the attraction.

Kemi & Mike, Owners of O’Shun’s Orchard and Montezuma Valley Market

Their 80-acre sustainable agritourism development is located right next to Anza Borrego Desert State Park and is planned for a fruit orchard, freshwater aquaculture, underground beverage production, and embedded lodging accommodations. San Diego High Desert is an enchanting place full of peaceful beauty. This has become a familiar place to cyclists, thru-hikers, campers, offroaders, and desert outdoors enthusiasts, creating an experience and destination of choice for everybody. Follow their outdoors endeavor on their website— there you can also find store merchandise and podcasts series that details all the fun ups and downs of starting, operating, and sustaining this business


Kemi and Mike Pavlocak, Founders and Owners

O’Shun’s Orchard LLC


Call: 619.693.7536