Baja’s COVID Update

Baja’s State Government announced the following changes to restrictions and precautionary measures following a statewide decrease of new COVID-19 cases:

  • Restaurants, retailers and hotels may operate at up to a 75% capacity, including access to common areas.
  • Gyms, public pools, spas, and sport centers may operate at up to a 65% capacity.
  • Public transportation vehicles, museums, places of worship, public parks, theaters, and supermarkets may operate at up to a 50% capacity.
  • Hair salons may operate at up to a 50% capacity and by appointment only.
  • Sports events may take place with no audience present.
  • High-risk activities including bars, nightclubs, mass events and large gatherings remain prohibited until further notice.

State authorities are working on a pilot program to gradually reopen schools. The program would designate two educational institutions per municipality to implement a series of health protocols, which include alternative schedules and prioritizing vaccines for school workers returning to classrooms. In addition, state authorities are currently evaluating San Diego’s vaccination approach to determine if Baja could implement a similar model and designate vaccine superstations to boost access to vaccines.

At the Federal level, Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez visited Mexico and met with President Lopez Obrador and representatives from the private sector. He also toured a local laboratory where AstraZeneca’s vaccines are being processed and distributed. Both leaders are working closely with Carlos Slim’s Foundation to produce and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in Mexico and Argentina.