Member Spotlight: Jackie’s Jams

One Year Later – Stronger and Sweeter than Ever!

Jackie’s Jams is dedicated to bringing all natural, locally sourced, handcrafted jam and jellies to your home, kitchen and bar. The team takes great pride in blending small-batch jam from natural ingredients you can pronounce – mostly fruit, a little cane sugar, a bit of pectin – and sourcing as much of our produce as possible from farmers who live in Southern California.

Their jam line includes a wide range of flavors, from classic, kid-friendly favorites like Strawberry and Tripleberry, to savory Fig, keto-friendly Strawberry Pineapple, and seasonal specialties like Pumpkin Butter. Best of all, it’s made right here in San Diego County.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down San Diego County in March of 2020, the team had just moved to a new kitchen and warehouse and didn’t know what to do – or if they would even be able to keep the doors open. As a business that was built on in-person sales at farmers markets, partnerships with local eateries, and placement in grocery stores like Specialty Produce, Whole Foods and Sprouts, they knew they had to pivot, and pivot fast.

Fortunately, Jackie’s Jams already had a website for online sales and relationships with a variety of San Diego business to partner with. And well, that was just the first of many challenges faced in 2020!

From closing their longstanding farmer’s market booths and shifting those person-to-person sales online, to overcoming the challenges of safely reopening their kitchen, to a glass jar shortage throughout the United States that brought uncertainty, the team found that no matter what the challenge, they were able to face it.

Though, Jackie’s Jams grew their online business over 400% in 2020 thanks to businesses, partners, and loyal customers. And they are looking forward to building on the hard work, resilience, and relationships that helped them make it through 2020 as they grow Jackie’s Jams in 2021 and into the future. The team is committed to continuing to honor their commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices, forming long-term partnerships with top retailers, restaurants and destinations in the San Diego area, and celebrating the community that has supported us for more than a decade.

To learn more about Jackie’s Jams – or to buy our locally produced jam online! – visit