Member Spotlight: Futures Academy

Futures Academy is School Reimagined. Discover a Better Way to Learn.

Students have different learning styles and needs. For some, the traditional classroom is not a place where they thrive. Futures Academy recognized this 35 years ago when it pioneered the one teacher to one student teaching model. Since then, Futures has helped more than 19,000 students achieve their educational success through personalized instruction that instills confidence, character, and a lifelong love of learning.

The one student-one teacher classroom allows for flexibility and customization, both in class scheduling and curriculum design, creating a space where students can learn without distractions while mastering the skills and material presented in the course.

What sets Futures Academy apart is a belief that schools should adapt to the needs of its students, not the other way around. Students build healthy relationships with teachers who serve as mentors and advocates for learning success and quickly find they are in a school where they are seen, known and belong.

Futures Academy helps students develop a healthy mindset about learning. Through research-based principles, students learn how to improve study habits, manage stress, overcome obstacles, approach homework successfully, and meet deadlines. As students learn to be self-aware and work independently, they adopt behaviors and actions that are proven to lead to a sense of success and fulfillment.

When not in class, students have ample opportunities to connect across a micro-community through guided study, clubs, field trips and social activities. Empowering the next generation of thinkers and doers, Futures Academy offers 170 courses including 32 Honors, 16 Advanced Placement (AP) and more than 70 21st century skills electives.

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The San Diego campus is located at 9915 Mira Mesa Blvd., Ste 210. Futures Academy is WASC Accredited and UC, CSU & NCAA approved. To schedule a no-obligation campus tour, call 866-994-0920 or visit