Mexico and California Sign MOU to Advance Otay 2

California and Mexico signed a Memorandum of Understanding reiterating their commitment to ensure the new Otay Mesa East Port of Entry (Otay 2) is up and running by 2024. This project will contribute to significant economic growth for our region and stimulate cross-border trade by providing secure, reliable, and predictable crossings with a goal of wait times no longer than 20 minutes. The Chamber has long supported the construction of this new port of entry and has led efforts to advance the project on both sides of the border. These efforts include our upcoming Mexico City Summit taking place August 31-September 1 and our Binational Delegation Trip to Washington D.C. taking place September 26 – 29.

Earlier this month, U.S. Senators traveled to Mexico City to meet with the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and the National Institute of Migration to discuss bilateral cooperation on migration. In addition, border infrastructure projects including Otay 2 were also discussed and officials agreed on the project representing a high-priority for both governments in order to increase efficiency, security, and global competition along the U.S.-Mexico border region.