Member Spotlight: Red Door Escape Room

Connecting with people is always the main goal when it comes to Red Door Escape Room’s many exciting adventures. Each escape episode is created to spark imagination, inspire teamwork, and encourage endless screen-free fun.

As COVID challenged businesses across the country, Red Door was no exception. When in-person gatherings became a risk, there needed to be a bold plan for when people—who were more than ready for a change of pace—could finally come together. This was when Red Door’s safety measures were fully implemented: private escape rooms, extensive cleaning protocols between games, and social distancing of both staff and guests, among many other cleanliness standards.

It became clear over the last few years that connecting with those we love, whether they’re miles away or just in the other room, is precious. The staff at Red Door understand that creating memories and fun experiences is how we nurture our relationships. And what better way than to enter whole new worlds together?

Whether your taste is more enchanted fairytales, eerie carnivals, or sneaky prison breaks, there is an adventure for everyone. Some you can accomplish as a team, finding and solving clues in order to beat the clock, and others you can go head-to-head, racing each other for the all-too-important bragging rights!

Red Door is focused on offering experiences for people of all ages—bring Mom and Grandma Deb! Bring the soccer team! Gather the whole sales branch and build trust among your corporate leaders! You can even book private suites for dates, birthday bashes, and meetings alike.

It’s time to step into our own adventure and deepen relationships, totally screen-free. Let’s do something real together. Real fun. Real connection.

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