International Business Affairs Forum – November 18

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, businesses frequently find themselves working across international borders. Knowing how to properly conduct business and better serve clients with a diverse cultural background has become an invaluable asset. Developing a deep understanding on how to navigate through international protocol provides our local businesses and industry leaders with essential tools and knowledge to expand abroad, ensure successful business negotiations, attract and retain foreign direct investment, and strengthen their global competitiveness.

Our geographic location gives us unique access to Pacific Asia and Latin America markets, but San Diego has welcomed over $15.6 billion in foreign direct investment since 2016 mostly from the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, and France. Japanese firms also employ more San Diegans than any other country. Companies such as ResMed, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Illumina, drive San Diego’s competitive advantage bringing local innovations to the global market. This only highlights how critical cultural awareness is for our businesses and workforce.

Join us on November 18 for a conversation on how to navigate through culturally diverse communication styles, negotiation strategies, appropriate gifts, and other customs and protocol that should be observed in an international business environment. Speakers will share best practices on business etiquette across cultures focusing on some of California and San Diego’s top trade partners: Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.