Cross-Border Travel Update  

On November 8, the U.S. lifted travel restrictions impacting our land ports of entry and allowed fully vaccinated travelers from Canada and Mexico to enter the country by land or ferry. In addition, starting January 2022, all inbound foreign travelers crossing into the U.S.– whether for essential or non-essential reasons – will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

DHS released a FAQ sheet for foreign-born travelers stating they should verbally attest to their non-essential travel and COVID-19 vaccination status and be prepared to present proof of vaccination as outlined on the CDC website. These requirements do not apply to U.S. citizens, permanent residents (including those with commuter status), or foreign-born individuals aged 17 or under, or foreign-born travelers engaged in activities deemed essential (including H1b and H2b visa holders). 

To help reduce wait times and long lines, travelers can take advantage of the CBP OneTM app to process their I-94 permit and are highly encouraged to avoid rush hour (4:00-9:00am).

Restrictions harmed our economy for over 19 months and not only impacted tourism and retail, but also every other economic engine, small business, and our cross-border workforce across sectors. The Chamber joined a press conference led by Mayor Todd Gloria marking the start of efficient economic recovery as restrictions were lifted. We will continue to work collaboratively with CBP and regional stakeholders to address border wait times which already cost $3.4 billion in lost economic output for both sides of the border.