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Member Spotlight: Michele Phillips and Cultivate Advisors


Are you running your business, or is it running you? Is your business growing profitably and as quickly as you would like?

Cultivate Advisors are offering a FREE 2 hour Business Assessment to determine areas of opportunity for improvement and provide you with a roadmap of action items that will impact your business. They’ll help you assess the gaps and opportunities in your business and create a customized plan that will guide you to your vision and destination.

Cultivate was founded in 2013. With experience in the franchise space, the co-founders applied their learnings to growing businesses, no matter the size or industry. Offering customized 1:1 advising services to businesses throughout North America, Cultivate Advisors is one of Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Businesses three years in a row.

They know that business success isn’t just about growing revenue. It can be about revenue growth, but it can also be about building a team, getting off the treadmill, or developing systems and processes to free up your time, or to sell your business.

Their results? Cultivate clients that have worked with them for 12 months or more have achieved:

  • 43% average growth in top line revenue
  • 65% average growth in bottom line profit


Michele Phillips is a Business Advisor with Cultivate Advisors. She partners with entrepreneurs and founders to fully define their vision and roadmap their success.

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Michele is a strategic, entrepreneurial sales and operational leader with 20+ years experience. She has been successful in both the large corporate world and as the owner of an award-winning, profitable, customer-facing business with 25+ employees.


Water Authority Incentives for Business Property Turf Conversions  

New State Regulations Ban Watering of Non-functional Grass 


As of May 24, new statewide regulations prohibit watering decorative grass in common areas of subdivisions and homeowners associations, as well as on commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.  


The watering ban applies to non-functional turf grass defined as grass that is “solely ornamental” and not regularly used for recreational purposes or community events. The restriction does not apply to yards at individual homes and includes exemptions for sports fields and grassy areas made for community gatherings. Watering trees is allowed and encouraged. Enforcement of the state regulations is at the discretion of the local water agency. 


The San Diego County Water Authority is offering many incentives to encourage conservation during statewide drought. Rebates and resources for business property owners include:  

  • Through a partnership between the County of San Diego’s Watershed Protection Program and the San Diego County Water Authority, businesses in unincorporated areas of the county are eligible for newly enhanced water-use efficiency rebates in 2021. The Waterscape Rebate Program saves money for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers who make landscape upgrades to improve the region’s climate resilience.   
  • SoCalWaterSmart’s Commercial Turf Replacement Program offers great incentives to HOAs and commercial business landscapes. Businesses that convert 1 acre or more of irrigated landscapes, can also apply for the WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program (WSCIP), which offers rebates for irrigation devices such as controllers, nozzles, and drip irrigation.   


To learn more about the Water Authority’s programs and drought response, as well as more information on state regulations go to 


Here are some important related news stories: 

9th Summit of the Americas

The 9th Summit of the Americas took place this month in Los Angeles and covered a diverse agenda to drive innovative solutions for a brighter future across the continent.
During the summit, President Biden announced the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity, a historic new agreement to drive our hemisphere’s economic recovery and growth. The Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity’s purpose seeks to rebuild our economies from the bottom up and middle out, deepen our economic cooperation, and shape new tools for the challenges facing us today and in the future.

Chamber staff was proud to join the California Leaders Luncheon hosted by Mayor Gloria in collaboration with the Asian Business Association Foundation.

Learn more


Community Planning Group Reform Earns Committee Approval

The City of San Diego’s Land Use & Housing Committee voted to support Councilmember LaCava’s Community planning group reform proposal. The Chamber is proud to be part of a broad coalition, including Circulate San Diego, NAIOP, BOMA, and the BIA, in support of the item.  


The Land Use and Housing Committee’s area of responsibility includes planning, land use, affordable housing, general plan amendments, land development code, real estate assets, historical issues/mills act, community plans, coastal overlay zone, and permanent supportive housing.

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Chamber Presents to City COVID Committee

The Chamber presented to the San Diego City Council COVID committee this week to discuss:

  • Positive unemployment numbers that came out last week
  • The role of the Chamber in supporting the business community through COVID – including guidance to all businesses on workplace regulations and over 150,000 units of free PPE being distributed

Ongoing challenges:

  • COVID-19 at the workplace and uncertainty about how to respond to positive tests now that we have so many resources for treatment
  • Cost of living challenges: childcare, housing
  • Economic uncertainty: how do small and medium businesses defensively position themselves with the increasing likelihood of a recession?
  • What opportunities are there going forward: public/private partnerships; connections to capital; keeping administrative costs low for business

Mayor Todd Gloria Signs $5 billion ‘Ready to Rebuild’ Budget

Mayor Todd Gloria signed the $5 billion “Ready to Rebuild” fiscal year 2023 budget the same week it was passed unanimously by the San Diego City Council. 


The $5 billion budget includes $3.6 million towards a housing stability fund, and additional funding for homeless outreach in the Downtown & urban core, a small business enhancement program, the SD-Access 4 All Digital Equity Program, and more. 

Learn more about the Ready to Rebuild budget here.

California Budget


Budget season is nearing the finish line as the California legislature reached an agreement on the 2022-23 state budget. The budget totals $300 billion and prioritizes education and housing. 


The Governor’s office issued a statement that there is still more work to be done on the key details of the proposal so stay tuned for changes. And as discussions move forward with the Governor, the legislature will now work on passing budget trailer bills over the coming days. 

Learn more about the California Blueprint here.

San Diego and Tijuana Business Groups Sign MOU

The Chamber was proud to lead efforts that led to a collaboration agreement between Tijuana Economic Development Corporation, Smart Border Coalition, San Diego Economic Development Corporation, San Diego Tourism Authority, Tijuana Development Council AC, Tijuana Tourism and Conventions Bureau, and Business Coordinating Council of Tijuana in an effort to strengthen and advance the San Diego and Tijuana region. 


Having a strong and unified voice is critical when advocating for our binational region. Today, we join together to promote the binational business community, boost economic development, and attract foreign direct investment,” said Jerry Sanders, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.  “It is moments like these, and our commitment to binational collaboration, that makes the Cali-Baja region thrive.”


The MOU, signed in Tijuana, aims to promote the binational region as the main destination of foreign investment.  In addition, all stakeholders involved pledged to support shared communication efforts and collective events, resolve investment restrictions, and advance public policies that boost the region’s global competitiveness. 


“This is a great moment and opportunity for our region to align efforts as one,” said Carlos Jaramillo, Tijuana Economic Development Corporation Board Chair. “Today, we send a message that we as organizations from both sides of the border are together to promote and strengthen our economy and our region.”

Member Spotlight: Aginelo Enterprises


Aginelo Enterprises, LLC is based off three values; IMAGINE. BUILD. LEAD.
Their mission is to be a leading entertainment enterprise that showcases the true spirit of collaboration in arts and entertainment, through film and other media.

A life spent in front of and behind the camera, Angelo Lobo’s story is one of passion and the pursuit of dreams. An aspiring actor since he was very young, Angelo was also lucky enough to be part of the industry – so much so that he gained a ground-level understanding of how a film is made. From background actor to director, Angelo Lobo’s layered career illustrates the grit and determination needed to succeed in an aspirational but highly competitive field. Tackling the challenges of film production while also balancing the needs of the art, Angelo started Aginelo Enterprises, LLC to explore new projects he would like to undertake and to differentiate themselves from some of his previous work. Aginelo Enterprises, LLC is not only all film and art it will also encompass projects like a clothing line and other ventures in various industries.

Aginelo Enterprises, LLC current project titled “Blue Running” is about the son of a world cup sailboat champion is wrongfully accused of murder, finding himself being chased unrelentingly by the mob and a resilient female FBI agent, who thinks he may be innocent.

Inspired by writer/director/producer Angelo Lobo and Mr. Antony Barrymore of the Barrymore Dynasty, “Blue Running” is a highly personalized full-length action thriller film. The project is currently in pre-production. It is their hope to bring this production to the City of San Diego, not only for the incredible scenery that this City would bring to the film, but to also bring in job opportunities to our wonderful City.

Now Accepting Visionary Award Nominations

Do you know a person or organization making substantive change in our region? We want to recognize the inspiring work happening all around us and those leaders making a difference in our community at the annual Visionary Awards on September 14, at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. Submit your application/ nomination today for the following award categories:

The Neil Morgan Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement
Named for the late journalistic icon Neil Morgan, awarded to an individual who has served as a catalyst for positive change, resulting in a better future for our region.

LEAD Graduate of the Year
Awarded to a LEAD San Diego graduate who epitomizes excellence in community leadership.

Innovation & Economic Opportunity Award
Recognizing visionary leadership by redefining how we tackle challenges to create change or create economic opportunities that improve the quality of life in our region.

The Ronald Kendrick Memorial Award for Regional Collaboration
Named for late banking executive and community leader Ronald Kendrick, presented in recognition of visionary leadership as demonstrated through coalescing diverse communities, focusing on collaborative approaches to shared resources, synergies, and problem-solving skills for positive regional outcomes.

The Charles Nathanson Memorial Award for Cross-Border Region Building
Named for the late Charles Nathanson, a champion of cross-border communication and development, presented in recognition of visionary leadership demonstrated in addressing joint solutions to cross-border issues, further uniting San Diego and Baja California for a common future.



Then, don’t forget to join us for the event!

Join us Wednesday, September 14 for a night of celebration.

Click here to learn more about the 2022 Visionary Awards.