Member Spotlight: Michele Phillips and Cultivate Advisors


Are you running your business, or is it running you? Is your business growing profitably and as quickly as you would like?

Cultivate Advisors are offering a FREE 2 hour Business Assessment to determine areas of opportunity for improvement and provide you with a roadmap of action items that will impact your business. They’ll help you assess the gaps and opportunities in your business and create a customized plan that will guide you to your vision and destination.

Cultivate was founded in 2013. With experience in the franchise space, the co-founders applied their learnings to growing businesses, no matter the size or industry. Offering customized 1:1 advising services to businesses throughout North America, Cultivate Advisors is one of Inc’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Businesses three years in a row.

They know that business success isn’t just about growing revenue. It can be about revenue growth, but it can also be about building a team, getting off the treadmill, or developing systems and processes to free up your time, or to sell your business.

Their results? Cultivate clients that have worked with them for 12 months or more have achieved:

  • 43% average growth in top line revenue
  • 65% average growth in bottom line profit


Michele Phillips is a Business Advisor with Cultivate Advisors. She partners with entrepreneurs and founders to fully define their vision and roadmap their success.

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Michele is a strategic, entrepreneurial sales and operational leader with 20+ years experience. She has been successful in both the large corporate world and as the owner of an award-winning, profitable, customer-facing business with 25+ employees.